Fire Extinguisher Maintenance Part 2

The guidelines are in the Australian Standards 1851.  There is different levels of service to extinguishers.  In summary:

Fire Extinguish maintenance. 1024x405 Fire Extinguisher Maintenance Part 2

A client remarked that he did watch a company personal service there extinguishers recently. He went to the extinguisher and stamped the tag. Is this correct was the question asked?

Inspect and Tag follow the Australian Standards and check every extinguisher for the 21 items as needed in a Level 1 service let alone the 34 in a level 2 service. This company we don’t know how they guarantee the extinguisher works or not, if any of the requirement checks been completed?

The Australian Standards guide is clear and includes the extinguisher has to be taken off the bracket, pin has to be removed and replaced, then a new seal replaced.  This is only 3 of the 21 items needed to complete an extinguisher service Level 2.

All Inspect and Tag personnel are trained and take the time to go by the Australian Standards to ensure all that is required is done, so the extinguisher is guaranteed to operate each service.  A record of each and every extinguisher in your workplace is done at each service.  Safety is critical – Inspect and Tag is there to ensure you are kept safe!