Extension Leads

At a construction site recently these extension leads where located. The first lead although no bare wires are exposed is unsafe. The wires stripped back so the double insulation is missing, makes the lead fail. The second lead which was a surprise to find. The outer insulating shield has cracked – not only at one point but most of the length. This has exposed the single insulated wire at many points.

Inspect and Tag personnel first showed the site foreman and then removed both the leads for destruction. The contractor was not at all happy as he believed they were safe and he was happy to use them. They are clearly, as by the Australian Standards are deemed unsafe.

From July 2000 to October 2011, there was 321 deaths reported in Australia from electrocution. 16.6% of these involved electrical appliances.

So it is imperative that faulty items are removed to reduce this danger of death.

Picture – Electrical Lead Tested, Tagged and SAFE to use. Please ensure all leads have a current tagging date and have no visual exposed wires before each use. To ensure safety every time you use an electrical item.