Electrical Test and Tag

Inspect and Tag personnel are trained to the Australian Standards AS/NZ3760 to test and tag electrical leads and equipment.

This sander pictured was found while doing electrical tagging on site. The service personnel was electrical testing at an education facility. In the woodwork room, this sander was located in the electrical tool cupboard and worst still the cut lead beside was beside it.Anyone in a second could have plugged in the lead and potentially killed someone. A teacher or even a pupil.

Inspect and Tag reported the dangerous item at once and removed it – so there is no chance anyone being hurt by this dangerous electric appliance.

Electrical Tagging is not only essential but Inspect and Tag service personnel search all places to ensure when they leave a site there is NO items left that are of risk.

Do you remove all items that are dangerous, or do you store them away. If you store them away it might not be you that gets them out and you are putting people in risk of electrocution.