Electrical 4 Outlet PowerPoint

Electrical lead outlets are very common. They can be in a 2 outlet, 4 outlet, 5 outlet or a 6 outlet. They can be found on construction sites, offices, education facilities and anywhere power is used.

Inspect and Tag personnel are trained to test and tag electrical leads and equipment to Australian Standards AS/NZ3760. We could say on average each workplace has 1.5 electrical outlet PowerPoint per worker. Some of these are cheap imports and can cause danger to the operator.

At the workplace of a regular client, this electrical 4 outlet PowerPoint failed. Our service personnel showed the responsible person immediately. He was shocked as it would have been tested and tagged (passed) 12 months earlier as required by the Australian Standards. This was correct but shows the importance of keeping to the Australian Standards and having the appropriate test and tag testing done on time.

The staff whose desk this electrical 4 outlet PowerPoint was located under was not at all surprised. As several times recently there was a fault in the power supply and the power turned off of its own accord.

The Australian Standards are there as a guide what is required. If on a assessment you find your site needs the testing more often, that then would be a good procedure to put in place. Inspect and Tag do contact you when your testing is due and we can tailor a timeframe for your persific workplace.

Week 13 Electrical 4 Outlet Power Point Failed 300x200 Electrical 4 Outlet PowerPoint