Electrical test and Tag – Extension Lead Fail

Inspect and Tag service personnel are trained to the Australian Standards AS/NZ3760 to test and tag electrical leads and equipment.

This lead was found while doing electrical tags on a site.  It past the visual inspection – has no cuts, wires correctly placed into the connectors.  During the test of the lead on the equipment Inspect and Tag have, which is the latest equipment available been sourced from around the world, the lead failed in the insulation test.

This was pointed out to the customer as our trained personnel at Inspect and Tag are trained to do. The customer was shocked but glad to see it was found before there was any injury of any employee. Upon direction this lead was removed from the site and destroyed at no cost to the customer, so it will never be used again.  This is done for the safety of everyone.  At Inspect and Tag we take your safety very seriously.  Every item has to pass the Australian Standards, otherwise it will be failed.  This is to prevent any injury in the workplace.

Safety is not a must, but it has to be practiced each moment of the day. This could have potentially caused a fire or even electrocuted the operator, resulting in a death.

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Electrical Equipment Testing and Tagging in Australia


Lifting Sling

FAILED.  This 4 metre, 3  Tonne lifting Sling was found being used on a Sydney Water site.  The history of this sling is so interesting.  So the question is raised:  ‘WHY DO WE HAVE SAFETY?’

SAFETY is so each and every one can return home after a work day to your loved ones.

This sling was discovered by a crane driver with cuts in it.  He in his responsibility, cut the sling so it would not be used any more as it was no longer safe to use.  This would stop it being used on site.

The foreman on the site repaired the sling by tying a knot in the sling, so it could be used for lifting on the site again.  When it was discovered again it was promptly removed from the site and given to the safety officer of the prime contractor.

Inspect and Tag was contracted to go on site and check all lifting gear and certify it.  After the trained personnel of Inspect and Tag had completed all the testing on the site – they were shown the sling and could not believe that it was being used on the site.  It just shows up how important regular 6 monthly inspection and certifying of your equipment is essential.  More often is better as new equipment could have been introduced on the site, or items could have been damaged that makes them no longer safe to use.

Inspect and Tag offer a service of removing items from sites that no longer meet requirements for safe use and are cut up and destroyed so they never surface again being used unsafely.  This is a service we offer and no extra charge is applied for this at Inspect and Tag.


  • Variable load bearing point for more even wear
  • Ideal for choke lifting cylindrical objects
  • Lifts smooth objects without damage
  • Lightweight and soft – reduced manual handling injuries
  • High strength to weight ratio
  • Load bearing fibres protected by the outer sleeve
  • Wide choice of lifting modes
  • Tuff Tag, webbing reinforced encapsulated

Compliance labels
– Certified to AS.4497.1.

sling colours 223x300 Lifting Sling

Slings come in colours and the colours represent the lifting load capability.

  • WLL 1T or 1000Kg
  •  WLL 2 T or 2000Kg
  •  WLL 3 T or 3000Kg
  •  WLL 4T or 4000Kg
  •  WLL 5T or 5000Kg
  • WLL 6T or 6000Kg
  • WLL 8T or 8000Kg

2 meter Shock Absorbing Lanyard

FAILED during a site visit. Called to site to inspect and certify the height safety equipment. The Shock Absorbing Lanyard was found, the plastic of the shock absorber is clearly marked not to be cut off. This was not only cut off, but the person realizing the error, had taped the plastic back on so the next person (if he didn’t correctly check the equipment before use) might not have seen it.

Our trained service personnel from Inspect and Tag were so glad that no one had used the shock absorber lanyard safety device. If there was a fall or slip, the device would have never operated as it is designed or tested to. This easily could have resulted in a death or serious injury. The person who cut the shock absorber lanyard, should have tagged it out or let the foreman on duty know so the lanyard could be removed from site and destroyed. To the shock of the customer, this was pointed out and they were shocked to see their equipment in such a state that it failed.

All equipment that fails, Inspect and Tag offers to remove and destroy it, so it never shows up again anywhere. Once a webbing product fails there is no repairs available. So for your safety and others, it should be removed from use and destroyed.


Energy Absorbing Lanyards are designed to minimize the forces endured by an operator should a fall occur and are to be certified to AS/NZS 1891.1 2007. Lanyards are used in construction, maintenance, telecoms, mining and general industries.


Tear web energy absorber

Limits the forces to under 6kN should a fall occur as per Australian/New Zealand standards.

Heavy duty alloy steel fittings

Robust and lightweight with corrosion resistance, high quality feel, and smooth function.

Polyester webbing

High tenacity polyester webbing gives strength and safety through longevity. Polyester is UV resistant and
does not lose strength when it becomes wet.

High tensile contrasted stitching

The high tensile computerized sew pattern give repeatable uniformity compared to manual sew patterns. The contrasting colour makes inspection of stitching easier.